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Ad Codes

The AdsML Controlled Vocabularies provide a default vocabulary of terms and values — ad codes — for use in AdsML messages, giving users the flexibility to standardize and control message data in specific contexts. A typical AdsML project will use many of these ad codes, while defining additional codes to control data values specific to its own implementations and workflows.

For example, AdsML Controlled Vocabularies are available for,

Ad Size Ad Type Billing Allocation Billing Basis
Bleed Type Change Type Channel Usage Classification Code
Communication Channel Type Color Contact Role Content Handling Instructions
Contract Type Country (ISO) Credit Card Type Currency (ISO)
Digital Media Type Encoding Encryption Financial Document Type
Guarantee Media Type Multiple Ad Content Handling Party Role
Payment Means Payment Terms Pickup Instructions Placement in Book (print)
Placement Link Type Position on Page (interactive, print) Pre-Defined Period Preflight Test Results
Proof Type Price Component Price Type Proof of Publication Type
Rate Card Status Reason for Denial Recurrence Pattern Rendering Type
Response Conditions Retrieval Instructions Section Status
Targeting Type Tax Type Taxation Status Tearsheet Type
Unit of Measure

For the AdsML codes and guidance on how to use them refer to the “AdsML Controlled Vocabularies” and “E-Commerce Usage Rules & Guidelines” documents.

User defined Ad Codes

AdsML recognises that users often want to define and use their own specific code sets and so the AdsML Framework provides the extensibility mechanisms that allows this.

For guidance on how to define and use your own ad codes, refer to the “E-Commerce Usage Rules & Guidelines” document.

The referenced documents can be accessed from the download page.

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