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Plan Pilots Carefully, Be Realistic, Be Committed, Say AdsML Speakers at Amsterdam Workshop

‘AdsML Is Live!’ session at IfraExpo 2006 highlights implementation successes, lessons learned. Experiences demonstrate diversity, flexibility of specifications. DARMSTADT, Germany, 23 OCTOBER 2006 – The “AdsML Is Live!” information session, held in Amsterdam recently, featured a lineup of speakers who reported on individual AdsML implementation experiences and outlined challenges met and overcome. The Ad Bookings, […]

AdsML Financial and Proof of Publication Schemas Released for Public Review, Comment

Proposed AdsML Framework 3.0 Release 1 Specifications Cap Standards Development for Lifecycle of Print Advertisments

DARMSTADT, Germany, 6 October 2006 – The first AdsML specifications for financial advertising processes for print media — AdsML Financials and AdsML Proof of Publication — are open to public review and comment. The proposed standards for e-invoices […]

AdsML Framework 2.0 Release 8 Issued

AdsML Framework 2.0 Release 8 Issued; Includes Newly Approved XMP Ad Ticket Schema

DARMSTADT, 2 October 2006 – The AdsML Consortium released AdsML Framework 2.0 Release 8 today, following member-wide balloting that confirmed the proposed AdsML XMP AdTicket Specification as an approved specification.

The XMP AdTicket Schema allows key advertising metadata, that would normally be […]