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AdsML Ad Ticket implemented in Pound Hill Software’s MetaGrove product

Anaheim, CA – April 23, 2010 – Pound Hill Software Updates MetaGrove Dialog for AdsML Ad Ticket

Pound Hill Software Inc. has implemented the AdsML Ad Ticket in its MetaGrove product suite. MetaGrove provides a custom screen (Dialog) for the entry of AdsML Ad Ticket metadata, implementing the AdsML AdTicket 1.0 specification. A Dialog for […]

AdsML Framework 3.5 R2 available for download

April 21, 2010

A new version of The AdsML Framework has just been released by the AdsML Consortium. It is available at www.adsml.org. AdsML members and interested parties are encouraged to download the release and begin using it.


AdsML Framework 3.5 has been in development for the past two years and represents a considerable […]

AdsML Media Pack Usage Rules and Guidelines (PS) released

April 16, 2010

A new Proposed Specification of the Usage Rules & Guidelines for AdsML Media Pack 1.0 has been released for public review and comment. It is available here: AdsML Media Pack Usage Rules & Guidelines (PDF).

AdsML Media Pack is part of AdsML Framework 3.5, which was first released in June 2009. The […]

Exchange Rates in Bookings

The next release of the AdsML Framework, which is scheduled to become available later this month, enhances the multi-currency support in Bookings messages by providing an optional Exchange Rate element at each location where a Currency can be specified. It will therefore be possible to indicate the exchange rate that was used to arrive at […]

Guidance for Digital Outdoor Bookings

The next release of the Framework, which is scheduled for release later this month, will include guidance for how to use AdsML Bookings to convey the details of a digital outdoor advertisement.

TWG Meetings April 2010

This month the Technical Working Group completed Framework 3.5, Release 2.

The minutes of the April TWG meeting(s) can be found here: 2010-04-AdsML-Technical-WG-Meeting-Minutes

There are no more meetings planned this month. The next meeting will be in June:

Thursday, 10 June – 09:30 NYC / 14:30 London / 15:30 Stockholm

We will use Skype for […]