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AdsML Media Pack Usage Rules and Guidelines (PS) released

April 16, 2010

A new Proposed Specification of the Usage Rules & Guidelines for AdsML Media Pack 1.0 has been released for public review and comment. It is available here: AdsML Media Pack Usage Rules & Guidelines (PDF).

AdsML Media Pack is part of AdsML Framework 3.5, which was first released in June 2009. The specification provides a global standard for the exchange of advertising media packs, including rate cards and technical specifications for advertising offers. It relies on earlier experience and practices that have been embraced and extended in order to support current advertising business requirements. In addition, AdsML Media Pack has been designed with extensibility as an important objective in order to be able to grow with the business and support various business models and future requirements.

The new Media Pack usage documentation represents a significant upgrade to the usage guidelines that were contained in Release 1.