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Features under Consideration

Page last updated: May 6, 2010

This page contains proposed improvements to the AdsML Framework that are under consideration for inclusion in future releases. No timeline has been set for development of these features and there is no guarantee that any particular feature will be implemented.

The public is welcome to comment on these proposed features via the Reply mechanism at the bottom of this page. You may also use that mechanism to make your own suggestions for improvements to the Framework.

AdsML Bookings (scheduling structures)
  • Implement better support for scheduling an ad to run at specific times of day using arbitrary time periods that have not been predefined as recurrence codes. For example, it should be easier to schedule an ad that must run between 10:00-12:00 each day.
AdsML Media Pack (XML samples)
  • Create additional XML samples, in particular to demonstrate rates for ads in non-print media.
AdsML Ad Ticket (sample panels)
  • Create a sample panel in which all of the information is grouped into a single long screen, so that a user could see everything at a glance simply by scrolling down.

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