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AdsML Framework – Specification Download

Page last updated: May 15, 2011

The AdsML Framework of E-commerce Business Standards (“AdsML Framework”) is a set of media-neutral standards and best practices that enable organizations and their vendors to implement e-commerce communications for the buying, selling, delivering, receiving, invoicing and paying of advertisements. All of the standards in the Framework share both an e-commerce philosophy and a common set of design principles; they use common names and structures; and they support a common message choreography (i.e. the pattern by which e-commerce messages are exchanged between trading partners).

Please find here the current complete documentation set for AdsML Framework 3.5, Release 3. Older versions can be found in the Archive.

AdsML Framework 3.5, Release 3 is a minor maintenance upgrade to Framework 3.5, Release 2, which was approved in June 2010. Changes in Release 3 include: improvements to the Usage documentation for AdsML Bookings and AdsML Media Pack; new “Section” and “Publisher Country” elements in AdsML Ad Ticket; and updated Country Code values in the AdsML Controlled Vocabularies.

Implementers who already have Release 2 but wish to benefit from these changes can download just the new materials from Latest Updates, below.

IMPORTANT: The file ReadMeFirst.html in the root directory of the full download package includes descriptions of all materials and provides easy hyperlink access to them. You should open this file and use it as your “table of contents” for the release.

Latest Updates

The following items have changed since Framework 3.5, Release 2:

AdsML Framework 3.5 Release 3

Release Date: May 15, 2011

  • Approved versions of AdsMLMediaPack 1.0, AdsMLBookings 2.5, AdsMLMaterials 2.5, AdsMLAdTicket 1.0.4, AdsMLFinancials 1.5 and AdsMLProofOfPublication 1.5
  • Latest Controlled Vocabularies and Framework Type Library.

Download All (49 mb)>>

Browse Online >>

The AdsML Framework release packages are available for online browsing where it is possible to select and download specific components one by one. They are also available for download as large zip files (20-50 megs), each of which contains the latest version of all of the standards and supporting materials in a given release. These are the only files you need to download in order to obtain a complete release of the Framework. The standards themselves are relatively small; most of the size is due to the graphical documentation. You should unzip the file into a folder near the top of your folder tree in order to avoid unzipping errors due to long file and path names

As with all standards, the development of AdsML is a community effort and cannot succeed without your help. We are looking forward to your participation in this process and your help in ensuring that the AdsML Framework truly provides value to this community. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about this process.