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Support for all media types

The AdsML Framework enables the booking, processing and paying for ads in any media, including print, broadcast, web, mobile, outdoor, etc.

To deliver this, the AdsML Framework provides a model of core media-independent components that can be used for any media.

Along with these generic capabilities, the Framework enables these core structures to be specialised to support specific media requirements. The current release provides media-specific support for:

  • Print (especially newspapers and magazines)
  • Print inserts
  • Digital publishing environments, such as “traditional” web sites or a digital signage network

The media-specific structures are ‘ready out of the box’ for implementation by users working with those specific media areas. The generic support that AdsML provides for other media is capable of conveying all of the necessary information required for the advertising lifecycle but in a more generic form that will require configuration during the implementation process.

Comprehensive business functionality

The following is a partial list of some of the functionality and business objects supported by the AdsML Framework. See the individual specifications for more details.

Please note that due to regional and media-specific differences in terminology, AdsML uses relatively generic terms such as “booking”, “order”, “placement”, “appearance”, “publisher” and “publication” to represent concepts that may also be known by many other names such as “broadcast”, “flight”, “program”, etc.

AdsML Business Functionality
Ratecard Media Pack Bookings Materials Delivery / Ad Ticket Proof of Publication (and performance) Financials
Request a rate card Place a new order or reservation Deliver one or more sets of digital ad materials (artwork, programming, etc.) Deliver a digital ‘tearsheet’ of a published ad Deliver an invoice
Publish a rate card Place a conditional or “guaranteed” order or reservation Embed identifying metadata in digital ad materials Deliver a hard copy proof of a published ad Deliver a credit note
Change a rate card Record an order that was made by phone or fax Embed metadata describing where and how the ad should be published Convey a proof of performance affidavit Invoice for the publication of one ad
Withdraw a rate card Convert a reservation into an order Request a re-delivery of ad materials Convey detailed information about when, where, how and to whom an ad was published Invoice for the publication of multiple ads with a single package price
Describe a publication’s circulation and geographic reach Accept or reject an order Place an order to deliver ad materials to multiple recipients Reference the booking for this appearance of the ad Invoice for the publication of multiple ads with separate pricing per ad
Describe a publication’s readership and demographic reach Renew an order Change or cancel a delivery order Reference the invoice for this appearance of the ad Invoice for a campaign buy (no reference to specific published ads)
Describe a publication’s pricing, including complex charges and discounts Change an order (initiated by buyer or seller) Accept or reject a delivery Provide third-party performance verification Invoice for a month of published advertisements, optionally including claim resolutions
Specify the languages used by a publication Cancel all or part of an order Reject part of a delivery while accepting the rest Invoice multiple payers for a single advertisement
Specify pricing in multiple currencies Order an Insert Provide advance notice of materials to be delivered in the future Include statement information such as payments received and balance carried forward
Order an Interactive ad Provide information about materials that are being sent physically, e.g. by courier Include aging activity on an invoice
Order an Online Classified ad Deliver replacement materials Specify payment terms with penalty charges
Order an Outdoor ad Deliver components that can be incorporated in an ad Send a paid invoice
Order a Sponsorship Request or report the status of a materials delivery or delivery order Send a replacement or adjusted invoice
Place a “package” order involving one or more ads running in one or more sites, publications or broadcasts Order a delivery to multiple recipients, including different usage instructions for each recipient Include line items in various different currencies
Order alternating content Deliver a set of materials to multiple recipients Provide information about an ad that ran on multiple dates
Order blind boxes or additional services Deliver ad materials with textual metadata in more than one language Provide booking and appearance information about each ad mentioned in the invoice, to whatever level of detail is desired
Order “umbrella” and other linked ads Deliver materials for specific regions Include a digital tearsheet in the same e-commerce message as the invoice
Order a series of ads that must run in a specified relationship to each other Deliver artwork components for make-up by a Repro House Convey detailed information about a tearsheet that was sent separately
Obtain a quotation Deliver multiple renderings for an interactive advertisement Send a PDF of the invoice as part of the AdsML message
Convert a quote into an order Request that a recipient ‘kill’ a set of materials Acknowledge receipt of an invoice
Specify tiered package pricing within an order Respond to a materials kill request Acknowledge receipt of a financial document (invoice or claim note)
Identify multiple payers for an order, including co-op splits Indicate that an invoice contains issues requiring resolution
Indicate that pricing is derived from a particular rate card or contract Indicate that a credit note resolves a specific claim
Provide discounts spanning multiple orders Integrate AdsML Financials with other accepted international standards for e-invoicing
Indicate that an order is a “make good” Provide replacement or duplicate copies of an invoice
Specify agency commissions
Identify the payment method
Transmit credit card details
Specify recurring and ’til canceled’ scheduling
Specify relative or conditional scheduling
Publish the ad in specific regions or zones
Publish the ad at specific times of day or dayparts
Publish the ad to specific demographic targets
Schedule multiple appearances of the same ad, in one or multiple orders
Request/deliver status of a booking